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The automobile market for the YouTube generation…

Online automobile marketplaces have changed the automotive industry and optimized the sale of motor vehicles. However, for decades we’ve been using the same old tools. is a new beginning. A “video only” platform for the purchase and sale of automobiles. is a new audio visual model to improve the way we buy and sell all kinds of motor vehicles in the future. Contact us now if you’d like to join us and be a part of bringing “automotive retail” to the next level.

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A picture says more than

1000 words

A video says more than

1000 pictures

Broadcast yourself car.

Auto. Video. Ads.

Video Will Take Over The World

Over ¾ of user initiated internet traffic will be for video content.

By 2020 these numbers will already be a reality. This is according to the Cisco visual networking index. Thus, video will become the medium that attracts the most attention from users.
Video trends:

1 billion hours of video

Users watch more than one billion hours of video on YouTube every day. (YouTube)
Video statistics:

50% of viewers

50% of viewers between 18 and 34 years old indicated that they would interrupt their work in order to watch a video. (Google)
Video track record:

53 times more likely

It is 53 times more likely for a website to reach the front page of Google if this website includes video. (Insivien)

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